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Living with ALS: Support Services Programs 

Welcome to the Support Services section of our Website! 

This is your guide to resources and services available for:

  • Persons diagnosed with ALS
  • Their caregivers, family and friends
  • Health care professionals
  • Donors and volunteers

What services do we provide?

Our services are guided by our Mission statement: “To help Persons with ALS and their families manage the effects of the disease…”

Volunteers and staff at chapters, regional offices and the provincial office of the ALS Society of Ontario provide the following services:

  1. Information and referral
  2. Education
  3. Support Groups
  4. ALS Equipment Program (loan and funding assistance)

Who can receive these services?

People with ALS, their caregivers and family are eligible for our services after they register with us. To be eligible for registration as a Person with ALS (P’ALS), you must be:

  • resident in Canada
  • diagnosed with any form of ALS

You may request a registration form from our office or click here to download a PDF version from this Website. To register, fill out the form and return it to our office by mail or fax. Registration is free and the information you provide will be kept confidential.

We encourage everyone diagnosed with ALS or PLS to register. Registration allows you to avail our services and helps to strengthen our ability to represent the needs of all persons diagnosed with ALS at community, provincial and national levels.

Volunteers interested in supporting our services to People with ALS are requested to register with us by filling out a Volunteer Application Form indicating their preferences and send it to Coordinator of Volunteer Services by mail or fax. For more information on volunteering opportunities, please click here.

Our services are funded largely through individual donations. The ALS equipment program also accepts donated equipment. Click here to find out how you can help.

We encourage healthcare professionals to access our information and education services. Please contact us to be put on the mailing list to get a print copy of our newsletter or click here to download a PDF version of the latest issue.

Please contact us about becoming a member to access all services listed above.

Information and Referral

ALS Society of Ontario strives to address information needs of our clients, their caregivers and families, community healthcare professionals and the public about ALS and related issues through this Website, our publications and newsletters.

For people with ALS, we provide referral services connecting them and their caregivers to community resources. ALS is an emotional and financial challenge. We help to demystify the complicated processes governing health care availability.

We invite you to explore the web links given below. Please call us if you have any questions. If we do not have the information you need, we will find it for you!


Staff and volunteers make presentations and conduct in-services amongst healthcare professionals at the community level to increase awareness about ALS, update them about latest developments in providing care and support to families coping with ALS.

We have relevant publications available for healthcare professionals to inform and educate them about ALS and provision of care. For more information or to schedule an in-service presentation, please contact us.

Support Groups

Support Groups provide People with ALS and their caregivers an opportunity to meet their peers and share information and experiences in a supportive environment.

Support Groups help to:

  • provide a forum for education (click here for the online forum)
  • create a greater comfort level in dealing with the emotional aspects of ALS
  • enlarge support networks
  • increase awareness of the ALS Society and our services available in the area

Support Groups are supported by volunteers and staff. The participants jointly determine the format, direction and topics raised in the group. The group meets regularly, often monthly. For a support group closest to you please click here.

The ALS Equipment Program

The availability of safe and proper equipment and assistive devices is essential for maintaining the safety, comfort and maximal functioning of the person with ALS. The ALS equipment program is meant to provide basic and essential equipment for people with ALS. This covers:

Mobility devicesWalkers, Wheelchairs (Manual as well as Power driven)
Bathroom AidsCommode Chairs, transfer boards, bath lifts and other items
LiftsPatient Transfer lifts (hydraulic, battery powered) and ceiling track systems
Other medical equipmentSuction Machine, feeding pumps and basic respiratory equipment
Miscellaneous equipmentLift chairs, hospital beds and pressure relief systems and other items
Communication devicesBasic communication devices might be available for loan. Limited financial assistance is also available for ADP-assisted devices.

ALS Equipment Program Guidelines and Forms