ALS Awareness Month

What is ALS Awareness Month?
In 1990, Health and Welfare Canada approached the Society to designate one month a year as ALS Awareness Month.  We were able to choose in which month ALS Awareness Month would take place and chose June for several reasons.  The first is because traditionally it is the month of our Flower Day.  Also, Lou Gehrig retired from baseball and lost his battle with ALS in June.

Since then, the ALS Society of Canada sends a statement to Health Canada to be read in the House of Commons to promote June as ALS Awareness month across the nation.

Activities during ALS month
The first weekend in June kicks off ALS Awareness Month.  Throughout June, various activities are held in communities across Canada. 

Flower Day originated from an idea developed by the London, Ontario Chapter.  Mrs. Jean Hudson started the London group in 1985, and developed the concept of Flower Day raising $3,000 for the Society.  That same year, the National Board of Directors adopted Flower Days as a national program.

During ALS month, volunteers host activities, speak to the public and accept donations for research.  Every donor is given an ALS cornflower or other item to show our appreciation and to increase the public’s awareness of ALS.

Why have a Campaign?
A campaign provides the opportunity to increase public and community awareness of ALS and the ALS Society of Ontario.  The more understanding people have of ALS and the ALS Society of Ontario, the more likely they are to give their time, money and support. 

Communities involved with cornflower sales
Silk cornflowers are given in appreciation for any donation. Live cornflower plants sell one for $3 or two for $5.

The following communities are participating in 2004:

Hamilton Regional Office
Niagara Falls
Ottawa/Champlain Regional Office
Smiths Falls

Help people living with ALS, volunteer to sell cornflowers in your community from late March through June 2004.  If you would like to offer cornflowers to your community or would like to purchase cornflowers.